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June 15, 2024  

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Make Picture Frame Centerpieces

This article was sent in our Cost-Effective Bride Newsletter on September 10, 2001. If you would like to receive helpful articles and money-saving tips for your wedding, subscribe here.

Make Picture Frame Centerpieces

Have you had a wedding shower yet? Did you get a lot of really beautiful and expensive cards along with the gifts? Well, I don't know about you, but even months before our wedding I was receiving gifts and cards. I would look at the gorgeous cards - some really extravagant with glitter or ribbons - and I would think, "It is such a shame that there isn't something I can do with these beautiful cards." Well, after thinking a lot about it, I came up with an idea.

Why not make the cards into picture frames! Now, for some of the cards I received, this simply would not work. But, for many, with a little creativity, I was able to create some very nice looking frames.

And, to make this an even more exciting and great idea, one of our brides recently wrote me and told me about an awesome idea that a friend of hers had. Michelle shared with me an idea for table placecards and centerpieces. Here it is: Instead of using boring numbers to label the tables, why not use locations that the couple have been together (or their hobbies, or interests, etc.)? Then, place a picture of one of the locations on each table. On the placecards write, "Maui" or "Lake Tahoe" or "Yellowstone", etc. Then, guests can find the table they sit at according to the picture in the center of the table. (You can label the back of the frame just to clear up any confusion.)

Now, why not combine these two great ideas and make frames out of cards and then use them as centerpieces?!?! This is an extremely cost-effective way to make beautiful and conversational centerpieces. If you had enough cards - and enough time - you could even make enough for each individual. Here's how:

You will need:

  • Wedding/Shower Cards
  • 3 Cardboard boxes
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Utility Knife
  • Glue (Elmer's or rubber cement will work)
  • Scissors
  • Pictures

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First, choose the cards you would like to use. You may want to cut out the written message on the inside (especially if it is meaningful to you) and save them for a scrapbook or paste them in a journal. Next, take one of your pictures and trace the outside of it onto a piece of the first cardboard box. Now, you are probably going to want the cut-out to be smaller than what the picture actually is, so take the lines you just traced and using a ruler, bring them in a half- inch or so. Now, cut the cardboard along the lines. If you have different-sized pictures, you are going to need to go through this process for each of the different sizes.

Now, layout the second cardboard box on top of the third to create a flat, but thick, surface area. You can do this on the floor or on a table. Place your card on your cardboard cutting surface. Then, take your cut-out piece and using your utility knife, cut the card around the edges of the cut-out. Do not press too hard - you don't want to go through the back of the card, just the front.

Glue the bottom edge of the front of the card to the bottom edge of the back of the card. Do the same to side of the card. Do NOT glue the top edges of the card together. This is where you are going to put the picture into. Set aside your frame for 10 minutes or so while the glue dries and work on another card.

If you want to make a stand for the back of your frame, you can do this by cutting some cardboard and glueing it onto the back or by not pasting the back of the card to the front and opening the card to make it stand - if you do it this way, you will probably need to glue your pictures to the frame to make them stay in place.

Ta dum! You have made a picture frame. All you have left to do is put the pictures in them and label the back, if need be.

Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your idea with us, and I hope you will all enjoy this cost-effective method of making picture frames. As always, have fun and be creative! You never know what beautiful things you may create. Good Luck!

Kelly Kons, Editor

P.S. If you have ideas that you would like to share with other brides, please e-mail me: I would love to hear what you are doing to make your wedding unique and memorable!

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