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June 15, 2024  

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Be An Energy Effective Bride

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    T H E   C O S T   E F F E C T I V E   B R I D E

    Vol 2, No. 5                       June 18, 2001


Kelly Kons, Editor,

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The Cost-Effective Bride \ Kós-t?-'fek-tiv Brid \  n.
(2001):  The about-to-be-married woman that desires the
tangible, emotional, and memorable benefits of her
wedding to outweigh the money and time spent on
producing those benefits.  She is both elegant and fun,
emotional and sensible.  She understands that more
expensive does not necessarily equal better.  She is

                  FEATURED ARTICLE

I would like to dedicate this issue of the Cost-
Effective Bride to making your time of planning energy-
effective.  Rather than talking about pinching pennies,
I am going to talk about sanity-savings.  You are being
bombarded with advertisements and future in-laws and
probably more stress than you ever imagined to come out
of something that is supposed to be a blissful event
and you need some help to remain sane and replenish
your energy.

So, I would like to give you four tips towards energy-
efficiency and sanity-savings:

1) First, while planning your wedding you may have
found that it has essentially taken over your life.
You need to reclaim your life, even if it is only for a
day or for a few hours and take some time to yourself.

What is it you used to do before all of this planning?
Do you like to read?  Do you enjoy gardening?  How
about going for walks?  Whatever it is that you may
have let slip or sacrificed for the greater good, you
need to take that time to yourself and enjoy the
relaxation that comes with doing something that you

2) With all of the busy-ness surrounding your planning,
you may have discovered that you have not talked to
your best friend or sister in weeks.  It is easy to
lose contact with the ones we love the most when we are
afraid that we are boring them with the details of our
lives or when we think that they don’t understand what
is going on in our lives.

Take some time to reconnect with your closest friends.
Try not to talk too much about your planning, but
realize that it is a part of your life right now and
your friends probably are interested.  But, they also
want you to be interested in their lives, so don’t
forget to ask them questions and turn the attention
towards them, too.

Have you heard?  Our Spring Sale will save you a lot of
green!  If you sign up for a wedding website right now,
you will get your subscription FREE for a whole year!
Plus, you can get your welcome message for FREE for the
whole year, too.  Sign up now!

3) It is so easy to get caught up in the selfishness of
being a bride.  We think that everyone should be there
for us and cater to us and care solely about the stress
that we feel - after all, it is OUR day, right?  Wrong.
It is much our day as it is the day of the people who
love and care for us and only wish for our happiness.

To get away from centering on ourselves we need to do
something for someone else.  You will be surprised how
good (and relaxed) you will feel by making someone else
feel good.  Cook a friend dinner, serve a meal at your
local soup kitchen, babysit for couple who could use a
break, take your niece or nephew out for an ice cream
cone...there are so many things you can do for so many
people - give it a try and see how good you feel.

4) And finally, with all of the planning the you are
deep into, have you found that you have lost contact
with your fiancé?  Ironic, isn’t it, that all this
planning is for the beginning of your life together,
but you are struggling to find quality time with one
another now?

If you want to start your marriage off right, then
don’t neglect your relationship now.  Your life as one
should always be your top priority, so go out on a date
as often as you can, and try not to talk about the
wedding.  Instead, focus on your relationship, your
love, and your future beyond the date of your marriage.

I think that when you give these tips a try you may
discover that your life becomes a little more relaxed,
a little more calm, and a lot more enjoyable.  So be an
energy-efficient bride and reconnect with your friends
and family, take some time to yourself, do something
for someone else, and make your relationship with the
one you love the priority.

I wish you much luck at these and hope that they will
bring tons of joy to your life!

Kelly Kons, Editor

 ** Do you have questions about this or past articles?
 Please drop me a line.  I would love to hear from you
 and help you out in any way I can! **

 - Kelly Kons, Editor

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