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We decided to create Brilliant Wedding Pages because of the great experience we all had with our personal wedding web pages before we got married. Visitors to our sites really enjoyed reading how our husbands proposed, who our attendants were, and they especially enjoyed taking our quiz. People who we were unable to invite to the wedding were still able to be a part of our day by visiting our web page. We still remember the joy that our weddings brought to us and those around us, and we want you to be able to experience that same joy.

Your wedding is not about what favors you give out, or what flavor your cake is. Your wedding is about your love. We want you to be able to share that love with everyone around you. (Hey, the world can always use a little more love.) What we don't want is for you to feel pressure to have that perfect unattainable wedding that they seem to advertise in every magazine. You are unique, your wedding should be too. We don't want you to think that your wedding will not be complete if you do not have those fancy cameras on every table. Your wedding will be perfect for you, and no one else. But, what will make it so perfect for you is the love you have for him or her. A camera on every table will never bring you as much joy as the memory of saying "I do".

Our hope is that you will get as much happiness as we did from sharing our love and joy with others. Have fun creating your own wedding web page, and congratulations! No matter how slow it may seem to be going, your engagement is going to go by fast. Enjoy it and always be thankful for the love that you have!

Lori and Dave McDonald
Kelly and Matt Kons

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