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May 25, 2024  

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Wedding Website Pages and Add-Ons

Underlined words are the pages available for your wedding website. Bold words are the add-ons that you can purchase. Add-ons are priced individually.

Home Page
  • Welcome Message - Currently free when you sign up for your site. See an example.
  • Audio Message - Guests can listen to your message from your site. See an example.
  • Guestbook - Your guests can sign and read messages to you and your fiance. See an example.
  • Wedding Countdown - Your wedding countdown to the days, hours, minutes, and seconds. See an example.
  • Contact Us Link - Guests can e-mail you from a link on your site. See an example.

Our Story Page
  • Our Story - Tell the story of how you met and fell in love. See an example.
  • Future Plans - Share your future address, place of work, and any other information you would like to with your guests. See an example.
  • Proposal Story - This add-on is not yet available.

Guest Info Page
  • RSVP Online - Allow your guests to conveniently respond to your invitation online. See an example.
  • Places to Stay - Help your out-of-town guests by suggesting convenient places for them to stay. See an example.
  • Things To Do in the Area - List things for your guests to do while they are in town for your wedding. See an example.
  • Gifts & Registries - Links to stores, suggested gifts, a wish list, and honeymoon registry. See an example.
  • Parties and Showers - Share with your guests as many parties and showers as you are aware of and tell them stories of what happened at each. See an example.

The Day Page
  • Wedding & Reception Information - Share the date, time, location, notes, directions, and parking tips of your ceremony and reception with your guests. See an example.
  • Wedding Party - Let your guests see who will be standing up in your wedding. See an example .
  • Wedding Attendants - Your guests can read a little about each individual standing up in your wedding by clicking on their name on the Wedding Party page. See an example.

Photos Page
  • Photo Albums - Add an unlimited amount of photos to an unlimited amount of photo albums on your site! See an example

Fun Page
  • Play Quiz - Your guests can play a quiz about your wedding and relationship. They will have a ton of fun learning about you in this interactive way. See an example.
  • Quiz Results - Your guests can see the result of their and others quiz scores. See an example.

You Are Important

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