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Brilliant Wedding Pages June 3, 2002

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 Volume 5      Issue 1
Wedding Invitation Wording

Traditionally, the wedding was paid for by the bride's parents and so the wedding invitation wording reflected this:

Mr. & Mrs. John Jacob Smith
request the honor of your presence at
the marriage of their daughter,
Julia Jennifer Smith
Joseph Alan Brown
Saturday, the twentieth of July
two thousand and two
two o'clock in the afternoon
First United Methodist Church,
Springfield, Illinois

Today, however wedding invitation wording has become an art in and of itself. Many couples pay for their own wedding and so they begin their invitation with:

Julia Jennifer Smith and Joseph Alan Brown
request the honor of your presence at their
ceremony of marriage
Saturday the twentieth of July,
two thousand two

Sometimes, the brides parents still pay for the wedding, but they don't want to leave the groom's family out:

Mr. & Mrs. John Jacob Smith
request the honor of your presence at
the marriage of their daughter,
Julia Jennifer Smith
Joseph Alan Brown,
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Joseph Brown

Increasingly, families are a conglomerate of a lot of different relationships from step-parents to divorced parents. When it comes to wording your invitations with these relationships in mind, simply do what you feel is best. If you would like to know the proper way to word your invitation for each of these cases, check out Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette.

If you are not worried about etiquette, however, then I would recommend wording your invitations in whatever manner feels right to you and your fiancÚ.

For example, if both of your parents are divorced and all are contributing to your wedding or you simply want to recognize them all try:

Mr. John Jacob Smith and Ms. Leona Green
together with Mr. Wallace Joseph Brown and
Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Grainger
request the honor of your presence at the
marriage of their daughter and son,
Julia Jennifer Smith and Joseph Alan Brown

In addition, many couples are throwing out the "request the honor of your presence" and are going for a less formal approach:

On this day we will begin our journey of
marriage and would be delighted if you could
join us at the wedding ceremony of
Julia Jennifer Smith
to the love of her life
Joseph Alan Brown

Just remember, your wedding invitation is the first thing your guests will see in regards to your wedding and thus reflects the style of your wedding. If your wedding is formal and more traditional, you may want to take Emily Post's advice. If, however, your wedding is less formal or non-traditional, feel free to play with the wording to make it reflect your wedding style!

And, don't forget, if you have a wedding website through, your wedding invitation is the perfect place to share this address with your guests to find information on where to stay, what to do while in town, rsvp online, read your story, sign your guestbook and so much more!

Best wishes to you as you decide on your wedding invitation wording!

S incerely,
Kelly Kons

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