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Brilliant Wedding Pages February 11, 2002

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    The Language of Marriage

    The Language of Marriage

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     Volume 3      Issue 9
    Romantic Ideas and Things to Do for Valentine's Day

    V alentine's Day - a holiday just for people in love - is fast approaching! Now, if you are like I used to be, you are thinking "Valentine's Day is a Hallmark Holiday." Well, to some extent I still agree with that, but I also think that Valentine's Day is a great chance to re-focus our lives on the one we love. W edding planning is more than likely taking up a lot of your time, and if it's not, then it is probably taking up a lot of your thoughts. Not to mention all of the other busy-ness that takes up our lives and time. Valentine's Day is a great excuse to put everything else aside for an evening or a day to show the love that we have professed, to forget whose mother said what, and to take a break from it all.

    T hat is why I am dedicating this issue of the Cost- Effective Bride to celebrating Valentine's Day. You may wonder how this issue is going to save you money on your wedding, but being a cost-effective bride isn't always about saving money. Sometimes, it is about saving time, and often it is about replenishing energy.

    S o, what are you planning for Valentine's Day? A dinner out? A small gift? Flowers? This year, why not make it a Valentine's Day to remember? How, you ask? Here are some ideas:

    1. Skip the dinner out - restaurants are busy and expensive on Valentine's Day - order or make your fiance's favorite meal and eat by candlelight in your apartment or house (even if it is McDonald's or Burger King, this can be nice).

    2. Make a scavenger hunt for your fiance. Have each clue lead eventually to a small gift or even dessert.

    3. Type up 10-15 things you love about your fiance. Write a short sentences about each one. Print them out and cut them into sections for each sentence. Take each sentence and tape or place them throughout your house or apartment. Watch as your fiance scrambles around trying to find each one when he or she gets there.

    4. This one could take a bit of prep time, so get going! On colored construction paper cut out as many hearts as there are for each day from Valentine's Day until your wedding. On each heart, write something you love about your fiance, favorite memories, quotes from your favorite songs or movies, and quotes about love in general. Buy a photo album (make sure it has enough pages for each of your hearts) and label each page for the days from Valentine's Day until your wedding. If you have enough pages, every now and then place a picture of the two of you in the photo album. Put all of the hearts in a box or tin and give the album and box to your fiance for Valentine's Day. Tell him or her to pick a heart at random each morning or night and to place it in that day's page in the photo album. This is especially great if you do not get to see a lot of each other. (My fiance did this for me, and it became something I absolutely looked forward to every day!)

    5. Write a poem or letter for your fiance about all of the things you love and appreciate about them or the things you are looking forward to in your marriage together. Recite or give it to your fiance to read.

    6. Have a picnic in your living room. Spread a blanket. Buy some cheap wine, cheese and bread. Light some candles and have fun discussing your day and your future together.

    7. Set goals. Believe it or not, this can be really romantic. My husband and I do this at least once a year and we always learn something new about each other. We share the things we want to accomplish within the coming year and other things that we just dream about. This really helps us to prioritize our lives and our marriage. We tend to do this on our anniversary, but I think that Valentine's Day would be another great time to do this. Be sure to write them down so that you can revisit them from time to time and have a record of the things you accomplished and those goals that simply changed. It will be fun in later years to look back and see the direction your life has gone in.

    W hatever you decide to do, make a few rules for the evening or day, like "No TV" or "No wedding talk". Even if you just play a game together or spend the evening talking, focus on your love for each other and laughing together. Do the things that you know your fiance likes to do and make it special for him or her. I guarantee you that it will be special for you as well. I realize that most of my readers are women. And, I realize that what we, as women, really want, is for our fiance to do all of these things for us. Well, take the pressure of him for one night and show him how much you care about him. I think that he will like it so much that he may just return the favor on some other day! Give it a try, I think you will be glad that you did.)

    I hope that this Valentine's Day will be one that you remember for a long time to come and that it will give you the chance to re-focus your relationship on one another and not just on your wedding. Have fun! And, Happy Valentine's Day!

    Kelly Kons,

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