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July 22, 2024  

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Send a Couple a Gift Certificate

A great engagement or valentine day gift ideaA great engagement or valentine day gift idea A great engagement or valentine day gift idea

Did you know that you could be the tie that binds?

By giving a gift certificate, you will be bringing families, friends, and relatives together in a celebration of joy and love. The bride and groom will thank you for your thoughtfulness, foresight, and intuitiveness for the engagement gift that allows them to share their love story with people near and far.

Wedding websites are a great way for engaged couples to share the details of their wedding and love story with their friends and family. More and more brides and grooms are logging on to the internet to plan their wedding - why shouldn't their friends and family benefit from this great idea as well? Help the ones you love share their life with the ones they love - Gift Certificates.

   See Example Certificate

   See Questions about Gift Certificates

   See Example Wedding Website


How much can I order a gift certificate for?

 Currently, you can only order a gift certificate for $75.00 - this buys ALL of the add-ons - a discount of over $23.00 from buying our add-ons separately! In the future, we will be able to buy gift certificates for any amount or for the website add-ons of your choice. To see what the prices of these add-ons are go to our Pricing Page

How long will it take before they receive their gift certificate?

 Your gift certificate will take 5-10 business days to arrive in the couple's hands, and in many cases even faster.

Is your server secure?

 As soon as you click on "Order Gift Certificate" you will be entering a secure site. Brilliant Wedding Pages has a certificate to authenticate its security.

How will the couple know how to create their site?

 The couple will receive instructions with their gift certificate on how to begin creating their site.

Will you notify me when they have created their site?

 Unfortunately, we cannot notify you when a couple has completed their site. You will have to get in touch with the couple yourself if you would like to know what their website address is. Or, you can use Find a Couple to find their site.

Can I only order Gift Certificates online?

 Actually, you can also order gift certificates two other ways:
  • Telephone: (414) 425-4069

  • Mail: Click on "Order a Gift Certificate" and copy down the answer to the questions on that page. Then, send those answers to:

    Brilliant Wedding Pages
    Gift Certificates
    PO Box 667
    Hales Corners, WI 53130

A great engagement or valentine day gift idea

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