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Faith, Hope, and Love

What is it about weddings that we get so excited about them, cry at them, and remember them for years to come? Is it the cake? The food? The dancing? I don't think so. Is it all those gifts piled up in the corner that are just waiting to be opened? Definitely not. Is it that everyone deserves that one perfect moment in time when all is right in their world and they are surrounded by the people that they love? Getting warmer. I think that the reason that weddings are so special to those who attend them is the faith, the hope, and the love.

"Faith, hope, and love?," you are thinking, "But I know plenty of couples who have gotten married that aren't religious at all." Well, I believe that religion is important in a marriage, but that is not exactly what I am talking about. I am talking about having faith in other people, hope for the future of another person, and of course, love for that person.

Now, I believe that these three important things come from God, but you don't have to believe that to agree that weddings are special because of faith, hope, and love. Ask yourself this, why is it that you shed that tear at the wedding of your distant cousin who you hadn't even seen or talked to in 10 years? You weren't losing them to another person - in fact, you'd never even met that person before. Why would you be emotional about two people who weren't really in your life and that you didn't even know that well?

Is it possible that you were touched by their commitment to one another? Is it possible that you felt the faith that they had in each other? Could it be that for a moment you had a glimpse into their love? And to go even further, that at that moment you felt a deep love for them as human-beings? And is possible that you were hopeful for their faith and love, that they might have many years of joy ahead of them?

When you put together the faith that the couple has in one another, the faith that the wedding guests have for the couple, the hope that the Bride and Groom have for their future, the hope that you have for their happiness, the love the couple has for one another, and the love that you have for the couple, what an amazing experience! No wonder we cry!

So, whether you know it or not, weddings are emotional because of the Faith, Hope, and Love swirling in the room, dancing their dance and bringing joy to our hearts. Go ahead and cry, let your heart experience that joy. It's the miracle of Faith, Hope, and Love.

- Kelly Kons

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